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  • He knows how to get a party started!

    Damien started with entertainment at a very young age. Although his parents weren't musical, they listened to music a lot at home and so his love for music was born. When he was in primary school, he took his first steps on stage. His school organized a month closure every month with musicals and plays in which he always participated. In fact, perky Damien often got the leading parts! He liked entertaining so much, that he continued this in his summer holidays. When he went on vacation with his family, he always joined the animation teams. During the day he engaged in entertaining children, and at night they organized shows and dance nights for and with the elderly.

    Although entertaining seemed to be in his blood, he eventually opted for catering college to become a chef and graduated successfully. He was also a promising judoka who won prize after prize. However, an injury caused that he had to quit his sport, but luckily he had his college degree. He had the intention to start his own catering enterprise. Meanwhile, he came into contact with the dance scene. Every weekend he went to various parties and his love for dance music began to grow.

    In 2006, he met his Funrazors buddy Coen (DJ Treblelizer) and that is when his DJ and MC career started. He got inspired by a friend, who is an MC. This friend asked him to join a party which he organized together with Coen. Damien was quite impressed about what they did on stage so he decided on the spot he also wanted to do that, both spinning the decks and being an MC. On their second party he attended, he just grabbed the microphone and started MCing. Coen saw the potential of this guy and one day he brought two turntables, a mixer and some records to Damien's house so he could try to spin and mix. Coen taught him the basics and he practiced a few hours every day. Once a week Coen stopped by to check his progress and to give him tips and hints. In only a few months he learned to master the turntables, and eventually Coen asked him to join him at a party where he played some records along with Coen and did his MC thing the rest of the night. And so it happened; they became friends and partners in crime. Together they played at lot of parties, but both still with their own artist names. One year later they officially started to work as the Funrazors. They came up with that name because a friend asked them to play at his wedding and they found they needed a fun name for their duo act. From that time they always performed as the Funrazors at parties throughout the whole country, Damien as DJ and MC as well. They've tried several dance styles and both decided that they like Dirty Dutch and Electro House most, and this is what they still do.

    Damien's first international gig was in 2008 in Benidorm, Spain. His Funrazors buddy was asked to do a tour in Southeast Asia for two months and Damien felt a bit alone. Fortunately he got an offer to come to Spain, so he didn't hesitate a moment and took off. For a month he played four nights per week in a dinner show venue. After the show, they transformed the venue into a club where Damien was a resident. It was also in Spain where he met someone who asked him to come to Paris to play. So when his agreement with the dinner show venue came to an end, he left for Paris and played there in several bars and clubs for a while. When Coen came back to Holland, they took up the thread and continued working as the Funrazors.

    Although he already has played at many parties, Damien still has a lot of dreams and wishes. He wants to travel around the world with Funrazors, playing at all major festivals both nationally and internationally. And then of course on the main stages and the best moments on the timetable. And he wants to do tours in countries like America, Japan and Australia. He wants to perform as much as possible and gain world fame!

    At the moment, Damien is working hard - together with Coen - on producing their own tracks and later an album. They already have some cool tracks in pre-production, which will be released very soon!

    In his leisure time he likes to play the guitar, electric and acoustic. Furthermore, he teaches kids how to become a DJ, something he really finds fun to do! Moreover, he gives judo lessons to a couple of people, but that's more for fun and it keeps him fit.

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