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    When did you decide you wanted to be a DJ and why?
    I have been a music freak since my childhood and got interested in house music from the moment it reached The Netherlands. When I saw that people liked my taste in music, I got the urge to share it. In 1996 I bought my first two turntables and mixer and from that moment de DJ virus caught me and has never let me go!

    Which was the first single you have ever bought?
    My First single was a hip-hop track, Break The Grip Of Shame from Paris. My first dance track was either Quadrophonia or James Brown is Dead, I can't remember anymore which one I bought first.

    Which was the first album you have ever bought?
    It was Flag from Yello. I was only 13 years or so. As a child, I often listened to electronic music, like Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre. My first album that is more related to dance was Experience by The Prodigy, though I find the Yello album is also some kind of dance.

    Who are your heroes in the music industry?
    I've never worshipped certain artists. At home, I've been raised with all kinds of music, so now my taste in music is very broad, I just think there's so much good music in the world. So I do not have true heroes, but I like Underworld, Jeff Mills and Adam Beyer. And the Prodigy is really great because of their energy. Especially their older albums. Experience is one of their albums I can always listen to, it never bores me.

    With which DJ would you like to do a set together?
    Speedy J would be a nice challenge, I still am an old school fan! I would also like to spin the tables with Robert Armani, Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills and Miss Djax, the last one because she is such a sweetheart! ;-)

    What's your dream in the music industry?
    A whole night solo at the Arena stadium or Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, and with a bunch of friend artists. DenDer in Concert or DenDer and Friends. That would be really tha bomb! I also want to see party peeps going crazy while doing a set at Awakenings in the Gashouder in Amsterdam, where the roots of techno in Amsterdam lie. And I think the club Tresor in Berlin is outrageous, I'd really love to do my tricks there!

    When did you make your first mix?
    As soon as I had the turntables in 1996. It was a UK acid techno mix. The mix was awful of course. I couldn't manage to get the hi-hats sync and things like that. But if you get on a bike without training wheels for the first time, it's also difficult to cycle.

    What was your first very own single?
    It was also in that time. Shortly after the turntables, I also bought all kinds of hardware and started to mess with it together with a friend. The title of my first track is Chaotic Dish. I still have all those first tracks on cassette tapes.

    What was your first very own album?
    Some Things, released on May 29, 2010. In the past 6 years, I first produced my own tracks and gathered the best ones for this album on my own label Acid Cult Records. The album is mainly acid, techno and a little bit of old school. It is now a CDR but I'm planning to release the album on vinyl too.

    What record you think is the best ever?
    Hard to say because, as mentioned, I have a very broad taste in music. There is not one best record, simply impossible, there are hundreds if not thousands of good tracks. But if I must mention some, I find Nightmares Are Reality (2x 12") from C-Tank and Muscle Machine (2x 12") from Terence Fixmer great acid techno tracks!

    What album you think is the best ever?
    Liberator DJs: It's Not Intelligent... And It's Not From Detroit... But It's F ** king 'Avin It Part 1 and 2. That is the real acid I love. I've already had contact with them and someone was interested in my tracks, so I want to do more with that. Who knows, perhaps I can release my album on their label!

    What's your favorite record label?
    DJAX anyhow, and Highland Beats from Jan Liefhebber, but this label doesn't exist anymore. Audio Assault, also a Dutch label, I also find great! And from the UK, the Stay Up Forever Collective is awesome, which is a collection of about 20 different labels that are all to my tastes! And I also like Planet Rhythm, Drumcode and Drop Bass Network.

    When was your first DJ set and where was it?
    That was at the radio station Amsterdam FM, for the Bus Station program. They always organized acid parties in the famous Amsterdam venue Paradiso. I've sent them one of my mixes and they invited me to do a one-hour live set on the radio. It doesn't went well by the way, the decks were far apart from each other and also from different brands, the monitors were too far away, it was a mess. So the set sounded awful, I felt deeply ashamed, and still do for that set. I still have it on a cassette tape but I really can't listen to it.

    When was your first international gig and where was it?
    That was on holiday in France. I went there to pick grapes and had brought my records with me. One time, I was in a bar where they had turntables and I've asked if I could use them and so I did. But my first official international gig was some years ago in Grefrath in Germany on an army base. It was the Underbase Festival and performed there together with DJ Sorgenkind. We stood on top of a bunker wall, it was really awesome!

    What was your most favorite gig ever?
    That was in Belgium, where I did a progressive and acid techno set. It was in an old bunker with vaults, really, really cool! I apparently made quite an impression on a girl. She was stoned and suddenly stood dancing in front of the DJ booth flashing her boobs! Hahahhahaha...

    Of which party or event do you dream to perform at?
    Awakenings of course, Ground Zero, and in the official lineup of the Love Parade but it must be in Berlin! Love Parade is not that great anymore since they've been held in other cities… Berlin rules! The bigger festivals are also cool, Lowlands, Pinkpop, and Nature One in the official lineup, not at the camp site party. And Glastonbury in the UK of course, who doesn't want to perform there!?

    What is/are your favorite national club(s)?
    Almost all of my favorite clubs are unfortunately already closed. The Mazzo in Amsterdam was my numero uno. Also the Repetitiehuis and Graansilo are already closed. And I really like Paradiso in Amsterdam, which fortunately still exists. And I would like to play the decks in Paard van Troje in The Hague, The Netherlands. They have a f*cking good sound system.

    What is/are your favorite international club(s)?
    I found The Bunker in Berlin once great, but it is already closed. And Tresor in Berlin. The atmosphere there is tremendous and there is a hell of a sound system, it's really not normal. You feel your spleen, throat and lungs vibrate!

    What are your favorite parties and festivals?
    The Love Parade and Awakenings Festival. And Landjuweel and Solstice in the artist village Ruigoord, near Amsterdam. I love the art background of these festivals. The beautiful decors, the atmosphere... It should really be too mellow for words. I like that. It makes me feel at ease, and you can totally be yourself…

    How do you prefer to spend your leisure time?
    I'm actually always busy with music, but I also love mountain biking and mountain climbing. I even climbed the highest mountain in the Pyrenees. I love survival activities, I love nature, and I prefer to be outdoors. I recently bought a mobile home and go touring with it this summer when I'm not working. And when I have to work at festivals or outdoor parties, I simply take the vehicle with me!

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