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  • She not only teases hard, she rocks hard!

    When did you decide you wanted to be a DJ and why?
    I've been interested in dance music since I was 10; I was really into old school then. After hearing Paul van Dyk, Danny Rampling, Seb Fontaine, Fergie (the DJ, not the singer) and Sister Bliss on the radio, I really knew I also wanted to be a DJ! Music takes me to another world and I just get lost in it.

    Which was the first single you have ever bought?
    That was Waterloo from Abba hahaha, I was only 4. My parents gave it to me and I still got it. My first dance track was probably a trance track, but I can't remember which one. It could have been Paul van Dyk's For an Angel.

    Which was the first album you have ever bought?
    Michael Jackson's Bad. I wasn't just a fan; I was a bit freaky over Michael Jackson. Every now and then I still listen to his music but only his old stuff. I like him because he's just really funky. My first dance album was a Ferry Corsten one, but I can't remember which one it was.

    Who are your heroes in the music industry?
    Alistair Whitehead, Lottie, Seb Fontaine, Eddie Halliwell, Lisa Lashes, Amber D, Tom Harding, Anne Savage, Tony De Vit, Ej Doubell, Lynda Phoenix, Kutski, Alex Kidd, Kidd Kaos, Will Atkinson, Sean Tyas, BK, Scott Attrill, Sander Van Doorn, Ferry Corsten, Cirez D, The Prodigy, Dr Willis, Tara Reynolds, Paul Maddox, Lab4, Bassment Jaxx, Faithless, Nick Sentience, Push ... loads!!

    With which DJ would you like to do a set together?
    Lisa Lashes because she's brilliant. She has got so much energy and vibes! She just has a presence behind the decks. She's really there. And she's hot as well hahahaha. She í's just awesome in so many ways. And I also would like to play with Eddie Halliwell and Ferry Corsten, both are amazing!

    What's your dream in the music industry?
    My dream is to DJ professionally and to play in mind blowing clubs and at all major festivals all over the world!

    When did you make your first mix?
    About two months after I started DJing in 2002, it was on tape and was probably awful! It was a one hour house mix because that is what I started playing first, but I don't have it anymore. In fact, I lost a lot of my mixes because they were on a pc which I don't have anymore :(

    What was your first very own single?
    That is Cranked, my first and only one (for now). It's exactly my style. It has been produced in March 2009. I wrote most of this track and together with an established producer, we engineered it in about 4 hours. In June or July this year, it has been remixed by Lee Walls and this remix is played on BBC Radio 1 by Kutski. He (Kutski) is also one of my influences because he's so technical and I love technical DJs. I was so happy when he played my track on Radio 1, a big achievement. And Lisa Lashes plays it as well!

    What was your first very own album?
    I have loads of ideas and I'm working on tracks but I'm not a major producer. I need help engineering them. I enjoyed working with the producer of Crancked, he knows what he wants, so I hope to work with him again on new tracks and eventually an album.

    What record you think is the best ever?
    Murder Was The Bass, a mash up of DK8's Murder Was The Bass and Tom Neville's Just Fuck, that one is absolutely awesome. It has got real heavy bass lines, no words in it, just real driving techno. It's quite a simple track but so effective. I first heard it at Tall Trees on a Goodgreef night. I use this track in my sets every now and then.

    What album you think is the best ever?
    Any Goodgreef album, I all love them. They are really driving, hard but not too hard. I also love all Lisa Lashes' albums, Bosh by Eddie Halliwell, Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy and one of Ferry Corsten's albums. Can't remember the name but the cover is yellow and orange!

    What's your favorite record label?
    Riot, because it is my kind of style. Really chunky and hard. I also like Fireball, TranceWarez, Fraction, Kung Fu Wax, Armada, Traffic, Elasticman, Flashpoint, Fired Up, Captivating Sounds, Reset Recordings, and WA-X Records.

    When was your first DJ set and where was it?
    In a bar in my home town, in 2002. I held a 9 month residency playing house and trance but then moved to Leeds. I don't think my first set was good, though people said I was good, but I don't think I was. It was hard for me to reach the decks, they were quite high, and I'm only 5.5 ft. so I had to stand on beer crates.

    When was your first international gig and where was it?
    It was in 2006 in Ibiza, at a Charlys Angelz party in the Play2 club. It was also the very first time I went abroad. It was awesome! I did a one hour set and it was received very well by the audience. I also did a back to back set with Sarah C in Ibiza.

    What was your most favorite gig ever?
    That definitely was Charlys Angelz in Ibiza, because it was my first international gig and also because it was the first time ever I left the UK. Another favorite was Sundissential in the Gatecrasher in Leeds. I played in the funky room and it was really nice. The atmosphere was brilliant. And I still have good memories of all the gigs I have done in Toronto, Canada.

    Of which party or event do you dream to perform at?
    Absolutely a party in Amnesia, Ibiza. And I also would love to spin the decks at Creamfields and Glastonbury, and in The Netherlands at Dance Valley, Sensation Black, Amsterdam Dance Event, Mysteryland and Lowlands.

    What is/are your favorite national club(s)?
    Tall Trees in Yarm, the Goodgreef nights used to be there. It's just a beautiful club and the atmosphere is rockin'. And I also like Digital in Newcastle.

    What is/are your favorite international club(s)?
    Definitely Amnesia and Es Paradis, also in Ibiza, is nice as well.

    What are your favorite parties and festivals?
    Creamfields is pretty amazing. And I love to go to Alex Kidd's Kiddfectious nights. Warehouse Project and Area 51 in Manchester are really good as well!

    How do you prefer to spend your leisure time?
    Clubbing! When I'm not playing, I always go out in the weekends. I love socializing and spending time with my friends. Having an amzing night with good music! Furthermore, I like writing. When I have got time, I write track reviews and DJ biographies. I really can get lost when I start writing things.

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