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  • 100% Dutch Acid Tech to the Max!

    DJ DenDer, also known as Matana and formerly known as Anti Trust, was born and raised as Dennis Matana in Amsterdam. Dennis was spoon-fed with music at home and he developed a broad taste for music because of this. He listened a lot to electronic music, so it's not strange he got interested in house music from the moment it reached The Netherlands. DenDer started his DJ career in 1996. He found out that his friends liked his taste in house music, and he really felt the need to share this. He bought two turntables and a mixer, and from that moment de DJ virus caught him and never left him!

    After playing for friends on birthdays and stuff, he had his first gig for Amsterdam FM radio, where he played with the guys and girls from the bus. Later, he got a job at another Dutch radio station, first as a studio and sound technician but in a short period of time he moved up to showcase his own program called Wattbass. This was the only underground dance program at that time and it became a great success. Because of the success of the program, DenDer decided to organize parties where he could perform for a visible audience. This got the attention of the organizers of a free, Dutch outdoor dance event and they invited DenDer to close down the evening with his pounding music. It was immediately a great success, so the organization asked him year after year to close the party. He kept on organizing parties and continued performing as a DJ. In all those years, he did many successful national and international gigs. Now, he is #1 on the World DJ List In his genre: acid.

    The past 6 years, DenDer was also busy with setting up his own studio. Now, he is really content with the set-up he has, and with this set-up, he produced his own acid and techno tracks - sometimes with an old school feel - and gathered the best of them into the album Some Things, which was released at May 29, 2010 on his own label Acid Cult Records.

    DenDer has still a lot of dreams to fulfill, like performing on Awakenings, Lowlands and , and a bunch of other national and international festivals. But his biggest dream is a DenDer in Concert solo in the Arena stadium or Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam!

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