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  • They know how to party hard!

    The Funrazors is a DJ duo since 2006, composed of DJ Treblelizer (Koen) and Damien. DJ Treblelizer came in contact with dance music at the age of 10, when the music channel TMF started in The Netherlands. He saw video clips and music shows with popular DJs and decided instantly that he wanted to do something in the music industry. His first DJ set was at a high school party, with a tape deck, a CD player and a simple mixer. Through the years he bought better equipment and started practicing mixing. He got his first official gig in 2002 in a Dutch club. Shortly after this gig, he was asked to do a set in the Escape, a major club in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, he attended many different dance parties and observed the DJs who were playing. He liked what they did but he decided that he wanted to develop his own style. And so he did. He often mixes in the break while most DJs mix after the break or at the end of a track. His style became a hit at parties and even other DJs asked him how he did that!

    Damien also started with entertainment at a very young age. When he was in primary school, he took his first steps on stage. His school organized a month closure every month with musicals and plays, in which he always participated and often got the leading parts! He liked entertaining so much, that he continued this in his summer holidays where he always joined the animation teams to entertain kids and the elderly. In the meantime, he came into contact with the dance scene. Every weekend he went to various parties and his love for dance music began to grow.

    Koen and Damien met each other in 2006, when a mutual friend, who is an MC, asked Damien to join a party which he organized together with Koen. Damien was quite impressed about what they did on stage, so he decided on the spot he also wanted to do that, both spinning the decks and being an MC. On the second party organized by Koen and their friend, Damien just grabbed the microphone and started MCing. Koen saw the potential of this guy and brought him two turntables, a mixer and some records and taught him the basics of spinning and mixing. Once a week he checked Damien's progress and gave him tips and hints. In only a few months, Damien learned to master the turntables and eventually Koen asked him to join him at a party to play some records along with him and to be the MC of that night. And so it happened; they became friends and partners in crime. Together they played at lot of parties, but both still with their own artist names. One year later they officially started to work as the Funrazors. From that time they always performed together at parties throughout the whole country, Damien as DJ and MC as well. They've tried several dance styles and both decided that they like Dirty Dutch and Electro House most, and this is what they still do.

    In 2008, Treblelizer was asked to do a tour in Southeast Asia, starting in Vietnam. He played in almost all major clubs in Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand for two months. Damien's first international gig was in also 2008, in Benidorm, Spain. Because Koen was touring in Asia, he felt a bit alone. Fortunately he got an offer to come to Spain, so he didn't hesitate a moment and took off. For a month he was a resident at a club night which was held after a dinner show. There someone asked him to come to Paris to play. So when his agreement with the dinner show venue came to an end, he left for Paris and played there in several bars and clubs for a while. When Koen came back to Holland, they took up the thread and continued working as the Funrazors.

    Because they work so well together as a team, they don't necessarily have to prepare their sets. Damien has adapted to Koen's style, for example mixing in the break, which makes them unique. When one puts a record on, the other instantly know what has to be the next one and when to mix it in. It has grown that way through the years and it really works. With many back to back sets you hear two different styles because the DJs are both doing their own thing. In no case you will hear that when the Funrazors are playing, it all runs smoothly!

    Though they already played a lot in The Netherlands together, they both still have a lot of dreams in the dance industry. They want to travel around the world and do tours in America, Japan, Australia, etc., preferably performing for huge audiences, like 20,000 plus. Also all major festivals in The Netherlands, like Mysteryland, Lowlands, Dance Valley, Defcon and more, are on their wish list. And then playing on the main stages and the best moments on the timetables. The same applies for major festivals in other countries, for example Glastonbury in the UK, Burning Man in the US and Pukkelpop in Belgium. And not to mention playing in Ibiza in all major clubs, and they also want to conquer London! Furthermore, a guest set on BBC Radio 1 is on their wish list.

    At the moment, the Funrazors are working hard on producing their own tracks and later an album. They already have some cool tracks in pre-production, which will be released very soon!

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