The best dance djs on the globe

  • Funrazors

    They know how to party hard!

    These two guys really know how to knock you off your feet on the dance floor while playing their mind-blowing Dirty Dutch tunes and pounding Electro sounds! When they are spinning their decks, you're assured your party will be booming like never before! On top of it, the crowd will be even more pumped up when Damien grabs the mic to do his MC thing! Read More »

    Styles: Dirty Dutch House, Electro House
  • DeckTeaser

    She not only teases hard, she rocks hard!

    Meet DeckTeaser, fka DJ Metz, a rising star on the hard dance scene...One of the best qualities of this lady is that she isn't afraid to rock as hard behind the decks as she would on the dance floor, undoubtedly stating her presence with intelligent programming, technical ability and trickery. Read More »

    Styles: Tech Trance, Tough Tek, Hard House, Nu NRG
  • Funrazors, Damien

    He knows how to get a party started!

    Turning the tables and creating pumping Dirty Dutch and Electro sounds is not the only thing he can do. When he grabs the microphone and doing his MC thing, he really knows how to get the party started. Getting the crowd tuned up with his mic and turntables is what he does best! Damien will let you enjoy music like never before. Read More »

    Styles: Dirty Dutch House, Electro House
  • Funrazors, DJ Treblelizer

    Rocking your world with his own style!

    This talented DJ will rock your world when you are into Dirty Dutch and Electro House! His secret is that he has developed his own mixing style. He is not afraid to mix his next track in the break, and not after the break! Once you've heard it, you will love it! When spinning the decks, he will get the crowd in total ecstasy! Read More »

    Styles: Dirty Dutch House, Electro House
  • DenDer

    100% Dutch Acid Tech to the Max!

    This old school acid DJ and vinyl junkie also knows how to get your dancing feet moving on booming techno beats! You really want to listen to this great artist at work, doing the best acid and techno crossover that will ever touch your ears. We ensure that you will never forget him! Read More »

    Styles: Acid, Acid Techno, Progressive Techno, Techno
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